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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

February is finding its way to the halfway point giving longer daylight each day for our enjoyment. We wish every family a “Happy Family Day” on Monday, February 21st.

This week we send our deepest sympathy in the passing of Dale Geer, to his wife Maureen and Sons; we send our prayers. Dale is the son of Marie and the late Bruce Geer, formally of Utica. We also send our deepest sympathy to Murray Stones’ wife Shauna and family and the Greenbank community on Murray’s passing on February 12th. Murray was a very ardent dairy farmer prizing his Holstein herd and the business of farming. Both communities will miss you.

Once again, “Thank You” to all the area churches who share their Sunday morning service for the wider community. It is much appreciated. The food bank boxes remain at the steps at both Epsom and Utica United Churches, and if you feel you can contribute, it would be much appreciated by both food banks.

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