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Editors note

The nature of an editorial opinion piece is that it is a topical piece, just like column writers who take an idea and offer a perspective on a concern or interest.

Last week’s editorial, called ‘A Heavy Word from a Heavy Heart’, was intended to address the reason various groups within our overall population may have for abstaining from taking the Covid vaccines in their present form. A viable solution that is also very possible was offered to address this concern that both the government and officials from the medical system were putting forth. Namely, the idea of them removing barriers to people taking one of the various brands of the Covid vaccines.

The solution was to develop a new vaccine strain founded upon the use of consenting individuals’ DNA used to produce the mRNA that produces the spike protein, which is the specific effective component in all of these vaccines. The hope was to give the government and concerned medical authorities the moral imperative to truly remove this barrier so as to enable this portion of the population to take a morally clean Covid vaccination, from start to finish.

If the concern is genuine, and I believe it is, then this is a way through without creating an oppressive conflict with the ‘choice’ of many in our population. Further, it would go along with the desires of those who believe in, as the term is used in ethical thought, ‘choice’. The editorial spoke to the life-choice of conscientious objectors and the protection of the dignity of life-and-choice for children who are misused and abused in sex trafficking and drug trafficking. Like so much of our nations response, regarding many recent Indigenous discoveries, we were moved toward needed change. This solution oriented direction was demonstrated by the British individuals who cared enough to use their own choice and lay down their own DNA, so research could be done to develop a vaccine to defeat Covid.

All four vaccine producers have used fetal cell lines in the research and testing stage of the vaccine creation. Two of these also use fetal cell lines in the mass production and development stage. However all four strip out all the fetal cell DNA in the final purification process. As the processes and steps have already been mapped out, the cost to develop the new strain of vaccine would not be prohibitive. All that remains is to go through the steps again using DNA from individuals who chose to donate their DNA for that purpose. They would need to be 17-60 years old as per the Canadian Blood Services Registry, which deals with blood plasma and stem cell, organ and tissue donations. The steps are already being repeated to develop more quantities of the same vaccines today anyway, so that part has no new cost.

This would be acceptable for all to take. Therefore, it would not create any moral problem for anyone. And voila, a truly removed barrier!

In a world where we claim to be morally inclusive, not ambiguous, this solution fits consistently. However, if an alternative somewhere along this thought line is not implemented, then no Government or medical individual may actually make the claim they are doing everything they can to remove barriers to reaching the largest numbers of people with Covid vaccines.

This was the idea and central focus of the article in last week’s newspaper called ‘A Heavy Word from a Heavy Heart.’ In addition, the Standard apologizes for any grammar and layout errors which may have caused confusion. I hope this clears up any of the legitimate concerns any persons had regarding the focus of the editorial.

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