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E-Mission Electric Vehicle Initiative Partnership

DURHAM: The Regional Municipality of Durham, Oshawa Power and Elexicon Energy have partnered on a region-wide zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) education and awareness initiative called E-Mission, with partial funding from Natural Resources Canada. Launching today, E-Mission includes a wide variety of free and fun opportunities for residents of Durham to learn more about electric vehicles while staying safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Residents are urged to capitalize on this limited-time offer by visiting the E-Mission website and taking four actions:

  1. Book a test drive at a participating Durham dealership listed on the E-Mission site – there are numerous makes and models available from sports cars to minivans, 4x4s and sedans (test drive availability starts immediately);

  2. Book a free, private test drive session at the Mobile EV Education Trailer, which will make six-week-long stops at locations across Durham starting today;

  3. Follow E-Mission on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for ongoing offers and information;

  4. Visit the E-Mission Community Showroom and explore stories and experiences from local early EV adopters in Durham Region. Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Durham Region, and driving an electric vehicle is one of the most important actions a household can take to reduce their carbon footprint. Oshawa Power and Elexicon Energy will use information gathered during E-Mission to keep Durham’s electricity grids safe and reliable while electric vehicles grow in popularity. Driving an electric vehicle is fun and affordable. There are over 100 public electric vehicle charging stations in Durham, and Ontarians can secure up to $5,000 in federal incentives for new electric vehicles, or $1,000 in Plug ‘N Drive incentives for used electric vehicles. EVs also cost less to maintain over their lifespan. To build a cleaner, more prosperous economy that fights climate change and creates valuable jobs, the Government of Canada has mandated that 100 percent of new car and passenger truck sales be zero-emission by 2035. Health and safety are a priority for the E-Mission initiative. All test-drive opportunities offered through E-Mission will be run in alignment with COVID-19 health guidelines so that residents of Durham can take action on climate change while staying safe.

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