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Durham Region deploys Automated Speed Enforcement cameras

DURHAM: Durham Region’s Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras have been deployed and are in some school zones and designated Community Safety Zones on Regional Roads. At this time, the ASE cameras will be operating in data collection mode and no fines will be issued. ASE is a tool used to help improve road user safety, by increasing speed compliance, altering driver behaviour and increasing public awareness about the critical need to slow down in school zones and community safety zones. Once fully operational, the ASE cameras will take images of vehicles that are detected going over the speed limit. These images are then reviewed by a Provincial Offences Officer, and an offence notice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. With ASE, no demerit points are issued. It is anticipated, the Region will begin issuing fines at the initial four ASE sites, starting in September 2020. The initial full list of locations, where Durham Region plans to use ASE on rotation, can be found at ASE acts as a reminder to drivers that speed limits are not guidelines, they are laws. Speed is a contributing factor in approximately one third of fatal collisions. “As part of Durham Vision Zero’s goal to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries on our roadways, we know that reducing speeds is the best way to decrease the frequency and severity of collisions. Automated speed enforcement has proven to be an effective way to get drivers to slow down. While the cameras are only in data collection mode at this time, drivers should always remember the need to follow posted speed limits for the safety of our community.” explained Ramesh Jagannathan, Director of Transportation and Field Services.

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