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Dragon Flies bring hope and support to patients at Ross Memorial

KIM COULTER, Communications Specialist, Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation

KAWARTHA LAKES: When dragon flies gather together, it’s a wondrous sight. Such was the case on August 19th when several members of the Dragon Flies Breast Cancer Survivor Group met to present a special gift, a $10,000 donation, to the Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation. “The Dragon Flies’ commitment to advancing local patients’ diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer has helped the Ross Memorial Hospital to acquire the best diagnostic technology, giving local patients their best chance to beat breast cancer” said Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO. “Thanks to their efforts, the Ross Memorial is an Accredited Breast Assessment Centre with a High Risk Breast Screening program, affiliated with Cancer Care Ontario.” Since the Dragon Flies’ first gift in 2004, the team has contributed $390,328.72 to the Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation. Thanks to donors’ support, the Ross Memorial Hospital’s breast health services now include Tomosynthesis (3D imaging that helps to pinpoint the exact size and location of breast lesions) and stereotactic biopsies. Ross Memorial is the first site in Ontario to use the SmartCurve Breast Stabilization System, which features curved paddles and processing algorithms to ensure a more comfortable experience for our patients. Over the years, the Dragon Flies’ generous support has ensured the hospital could acquire vital diagnostic technology, as it has developed, including digital mammography, a sentinel node machine, a mammoviewer, breast imaging software and a biopsy console for the MRI, and an ultrasound machine. Their tireless efforts and passionate support of breast health services ensure exceptional care for our patients every day.

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