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Do more, drive less with the DRT

DURHAM: Durham Region Transit (DRT) continues to offer fare incentives to help residents and visitors of Durham Region get where they need to go safely and reliably. Along with the kids ride free incentive, there is now a back to school fare incentive for youth, ages 13 to 19, for the 2019/2020 academic year.

DRT is pleased to announce a 10-month school year youth loyalty fare incentive, the Y10 monthly pass. By purchasing the September Y10 monthly pass at any DRT PRESTO point of sale, customers will automatically save $20 and pay only $73.50. The savings continue all year long: save $20 off each subsequent Y10 monthly pass purchased throughout the school year, from September to June, for a total savings of up to $200.

“Our priority is to ensure that transit continues to be a safe, reliable and attractive option for our residents. The youth loyalty incentive helps ensure a new generation of customers can count on DRT to help them do more and drive less throughout the Region,” says Regional Chair John Henry.

“The Y10 incentive ensures teens can affordably get where they need to go, whether it’s school, extra-curricular activities or a part-time job,” adds Shaun Collier, Mayor of Ajax and Transit Executive Committee Chair.

“We are hopeful these significant cost savings will make transit a more appealing option to the next generation of transit passengers,” says Bill Holmes, Acting General Manager. “We continue to improve and enhance our services and we anticipate seeing an increase in youth ridership based on this Y10 incentive.”

For more information on the Y10 loyalty fare incentive, including terms and conditions, visit

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