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Decision helps streamline response during Pandemic

Decision helps streamline response during Pandemic

UXBRIDGE: Effective Tuesday, March 31st, Mayor Dave Barton declared a state of emergency in the Township of Uxbridge in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Based on a mutual decision by Municipal staff and Council, we have declared a state of emergency to continue to be agile and responsive to the COVID-19 crisis. While our community has not been adversely impacted at this time we are taking stock of future needs. By declaring an Emergency, it enables the Township to reduce the time between making a decision and acting on it, and provides an avenue to work more seamlessly between private enterprise, the health care system, and all levels of government.” The Township had previously granted emergency decision-making powers to the Mayor and CAO without requiring a declaration of emergency. The decision to move to a State of Emergency was not taken lightly. The move means that the Township will operate under the legal authority established in the Emergency Plan. CAO Kristi Honey will lead the Township Emergency Operations team and Chief Phil Alexander from the Fire Department is the Community Emergency Management Coordinator. Council will be consulted regularly as events unfold. “I see this declaration as having two benefits”, says Mayor Barton. “The first is that it underscores the seriousness of the situation and reinforces the need for everyone to continue to isolate, to prevent the spread of illness. The second benefit is it will provide administrative tools to enable the Township to respond to emerging situations as needed to support our community.” Stay informed about continuing developments in the Township of Uxbridge, related to the COVID-19 pandemic at

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