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Council adopts new Strategic Plan

KAWARTHA LAKES: aside from a small change to the wording of the ‘Guiding Principles’ section, Council approved the new Strategic Plan for the municipality last week.

At their meeting on Tuesday, January 28th, Council voted to adopt the new Strategic Plan for 2020 to 2023. The draft plan was received as printed, except for the following addition to the Guiding Principles section: “We will consider the environmental impact of our decisions, in accordance with best management practices, while balancing our other strategic priorities.”

Ward 8 Councillor Tracy Richardson put the new wording forward in a motion. “We are already taking many positive steps to protect and enhance the environment. This will add one more reminder of how important it is for all of us to consider the impact our decisions have on the environment,” explained Councillor Richardson.

The new plan has four guiding principles: Fiscally Responsible, Open and Transparent, Partner and Collaborate and Service Excellence. “With strong engagement from the public, stakeholder groups and staff, this new Strategic Plan has been finalized and will continue to keep our momentum going,” added Mayor Andy Letham. “Council appreciates everyone’s collaboration and contributions to this plan and we look forward to realizing our vision together.”

The next steps for the new Plan will include the creation of a final document which is scheduled to be brought to Council on March 11th. Following that, there will be detailed action plans, it will develop success measures and a tracking system throughout 2020.

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