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Concerts in Care Ontario Provides Digital Concerts for Residents in Long Term Care

In response to COVID-19, Concerts in Care Ontario is continuing to bring the joy of music to seniors living in long-term care homes across the province. Now more than ever it’s important to bring moments of pleasure and respite to those living in isolation and fear. Working with its network of professional musicians, Concerts in Care Ontario is recording a series of ‘live’ concert videos and audio tracks to deliver in various digital formats to care homes across the province. Anchored at the intersection of artistic excellence and research about music and the brain, Concerts in Care Ontario curates turnkey concert series in seniors’ facilities, performed by top-calibre professional musicians. Our concerts are a focal point for connecting elders, caregivers and loved ones while engaging powerful emotions that can activate memory and improve mood for seniors in care, who may be isolated and withdrawn. Our professional musicians combine passion and compassion, performing programs in classical, jazz, American songbook, and culturally specific genres. In 2020, more than 250 musicians were scheduled to perform 400 live concerts in 72 facilities to 20,000 seniors in Ottawa, Pembroke, Toronto, London, Sudbury, and Windsor. Concerts in Care is pleased some of those performances will be able to be seen and heard digitally to deliver the joy and beauty of live music, through various media, to help keep our seniors healthy mentally and emotionally, and to ensure they continue to feel connected to their communities. Concerts in Care Ontario was previously known as the Health Arts Society of Ontario. The new website is For more information, contact Debra Chandler at 416-571-6170 or

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