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Compost Give-away Bolstered by Durham Environmental Advisory Committee Pollinator Project

DURHAM: Pollinators are in trouble across the world, due, in part, to pollution, climate change and our own intrusive actions.

Many people are trying to understand what is happening to our pollinators and some are doing something about it.

The Durham Environmental Advisory Committee (DEAC) undertook a project this year to help pollinators. They commissioned a special seed mix and had them packaged as a free give-away, so Durham gardeners could do their part to help these pollinators. This special seed mix was chosen to encompass native plants species the pollinators could use to raise their young. Included in the ‘recipe’ were seeds for Black-eyed Susans, New England Asters, Butterfly Weed, Eastern Columbine, Purple Coneflower and Wild Bergamot, plus the seeds of 10 other native species.

On Saturday, April 30th Keiko Lui and Geoff Carpentier, representing the DEAC, participated in the Region’s compost giveaway in Port Perry. At the event, the Region accepted food bank donations, and a lot of compost was given to thankful folks.

Until supplies ran out, every resident who came got a free packet of seeds. The DEAC representatives explained to the recipients how and where to plant the seeds. This is part of a bigger project the DEAC and the Region of Durham are running. Seeds will be given out at each compost event in Durham Region this spring. These will include Oshawa and Brock Township on May 7th, Whitby and Clarington on May 14th, and Pickering and Uxbridge on May 28th.

Geoff Carpentier is a published author, expedition guide and environmental consultant. Visit Geoff on-line on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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