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Comfortably Home a unique option for seniors

DAN CEARNS The Standard

SCUGOG: A new local business, that launched in July, is looking to help seniors keep their independence. Comfortably Home Inc., a Scugog based business, not only provides personal support worker (PSW) services, but general home repairs and maintenance, yard work, space organization services and information technology (I.T.) assistance. “We cater to independent living. Whether it is PSW services, basic general home maintenance people need assistance with, yard maintenance, anything like that,” Owner Tim Watt told The Standard. “We also have a space organization program. If somebody is looking to downsize and declutter a space, a home, we offer a service where we help them [with that]. We even go as far as offering an online program where if there are things they want to sell or get rid of, we’ll post them online for them, with money going back to them.” The business is owned by both Mr. Watt and his wife. Mrs. Watt has been a certified PSW for over two years. “The Comfortably Home team and I just enjoy helping the community out, whether it is the elderly, disabled or those who are in need,” Mrs. Watt said. She also touched on what she feels is the most important part of the business. “The importance is providing assistance where needed, to people who still wish to live comfortably at home. These days, they can’t afford to go into a long term facility”. Mr. Watt described Comfortably Home as an “assisted living service.” Comfortably Home, a small family operated business, services Port Perry, Uxbridge, and surrounding areas. Mr. Watt said the business has been “very well received” since its launch. For more information, phone 647-202-3325, or email this address:, or check out Comfortably Home Inc. on Facebook.

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