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Cloud Permit now active in Scugog


The Standard

SCUGOG: The Township of Scugog is moving away from pen and paper with Cloud Permit.

The Township of Scugog has launched a new way to fill out building permits. You can fill out an online building permit through Cloud Permit.

“These new building permits will provide a single point of contact to complete and track permits, allowing residents, contractors, and inspectors the access to easily check the status of their permits as well as follow-up on them and schedule inspections from one place!” explained the director of corporate services and municipal clerk, Becky Jamieson.

According to Ms. Jamieson, development and permit continue at a “record pace” throughout the Township of Scugog. Cloud Permit will allow Township staff members to do more than before.

Although people access Cloud Permits through online means, one can still fill out a permit on paper.

“We understand, not everyone has access to or is well-versed in the online sphere,” said Ms. Jamieson, “so traditional processes for paper applications and in-person payments will still be available at the Township Office, should you prefer that method.”

The steps to fill out a building permit the original way, through paper means, haven’t changed, said Ms. Jamieson. Paper applications are available at the Township office, and the process still follows the original steps, requirements and payments.

If you wish to apply for a building permit the traditional way, you can call or email the building department.

“We would still encourage residents to utilize the online system, if possible, so they can easily track their building permit as it moves through the process,” said Ms. Jamieson.

Cloud Permit is a part of the Township’s “e-permitting” system, bringing customer service options online. This is one part of the Township of Scugog’s five-year IT strategy.

The strategy is meant to “modernize” services available across the Township and help serve the community better. So far, the Township has received a few permits created through Cloud Permit.

For more information on Cloud Permit, please visit the Townships website, at, and select the “building department” section. There you can find how-to videos explaining how to use Cloud Permit.

Other inquiries can be emailed to

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