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Cereals Canada Board of Directors Announces New CEO

BRENNA MAHONEY, Director of Communications and Stakeholder Relations, Cereals Canada

WINNIPEG: Cereals Canada announce, on August 17th, the appointment of its senior leadership team. Effective August 17th, Dean Dias will lead the organization as Chief Executive Officer, with Cam Dahl serving as Chief Strategy Officer. The organization, which represents provincial producer commissions, grain companies, processors, exporters, and life science companies, cited the leadership and dedication to the grain industry of both [Mr.] Dias and [Mr.] Dahl as contributing factors to their appointments. “We are pleased to announce Dean Dias as CEO of Cereals Canada,” said Todd Hames, Chair of the Board of Cereals Canada. “As CEO, Dean will bring a wealth of experience and energy to our new organization. His passion for agriculture, combined with his leadership and strategic vision will be a driving force behind the success of our newly merged organization.” [Mr.] Dias has served Cigi in various roles over the past decade, most recently as Director of Value Chain Relations and Interim CEO. “There is no better industry to serve than Canadian agriculture,” stated [Mr.] Dias. “I am humbled by the trust and responsibility the Board has placed in me, and I look forward to working alongside Cam and our dedicated staff as we seek to cement Canada’s reputation as a world leader in cereals.” Cam Dahl has accepted the role of Chief Strategy Officer, which will be focused on driving policy, government relations, and market access. “Mr. Dahl played an instrumental role in the creation of Cereals Canada and is a highly respected leader in the Canadian agriculture industry. His support for the newly merged organization, in this role, will be pivotal to our continued development and success” stated [Mr.] Dias. At the direction of the Board, Cereals Canada will now be focusing on developing a new strategic plan and completing a branding review, engaging with members, staff, and the industry at large. Key components of this vision will be centered around communications, policy, market development and support, research and innovation. The selection process for this role was managed by HR resolve, and the Executive of the Cereals Canada Board. The Board thanks HR resolve for its services throughout the process. “At the end of the day, this new organization is all about returning value back to our members,” said [Mr.] Hames. “With this leadership team in place, we are confident that Cereals Canada can hit the ground running as we seek to grow our industry and maximize Canada’s global presence.”

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