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Cereals Canada Announces New Board and Executive

BRENNA MAHONEY, Director of Communications and Stakeholder Relations, Cereals Canada

Cereals Canada is pleased to announce that on June 22nd, Members approved the slate of Directors that will guide the organization, which has been formed by the amalgamation of the heritage Cereals Canada and the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) . The Board Members are: Todd Hames, Alberta Wheat Commission, Jean-Marc Ruest, Richardson, Hannah Konschuh, Alberta Wheat Commission, Jeff Cockwill, Viterra, Brett Halstead, Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission, Jennifer Marchand, Cargill, Jake Leguee, Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission, Darren Amerongen, Parrish and Heimbecker, Glenn Tait, Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission, Matt Bingham, G3, Robert Misko, Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association, Trish Jordan, Bayer, Drew Baker, Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association, Jeff Bertholet, BASF, Henry Van Ankum, Grain Farmers of Ontario, Adam Dyck, Warburtons, The Board of Directors provides Cereals Canada with governance to steer the organization’s operations and ensure fiscal responsibility. They will be a lead a strategic planning process that will be undertaken this summer. The Board of Directors has elected Todd Hames as Chair. Also elected to serve on the Executive Committee is Jennifer Marchand (Vice-Chair), Robert Misko (Treasurer), and Jean-Marc Ruest (Secretary). “Each Director is passionate about the cereals value chain and brings to the table diverse experience and strategic knowledge will help to strengthen the organizations’ impact in Canada and beyond,” stated Hames. “We are excited about the unique expertise that each individual brings to the table as we continue to evolve and lead the organization forward.” The Board also selected the Governance Committee that will provide oversight for the governance policies of the organization, helping to ensure effective and appropriate Board functionality. The Members of the Governance Committee are, Jake Leguee, Henry Van Ankum, Jeff Bertholet, and, Jeff Cockwill. “The next major step will be the appointment of a CEO for the amalgamated organization. The search process is now underway, with the Executive Committee serving as the search committee. The senior leadership team has the confidence of the Board and will continue to guide Cereals Canada through the ongoing integration process,” concluded Hames.

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