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Celebrate Canada Day 2022 with fireworks in Uxbridge


UXBRIDGE: The Uxbridge Canada Day committee is creating a different Canada Day celebration this year.

In past years, Canada Day at Elgin Park had activities like a petting zoo and live music.

Like in past years, there will be fireworks hosted at Elgin Park in Uxbridge. The show will start later in the evening, with the gates to the park opening around 8 p.m. The fireworks will start around dusk.

There are places for people to park their cars if they must or wish to drive to Elgin Park, but local residents and others are welcome to walk.

“We wanted to do something, period; as in [we wanted to do] something for Canada Day,” said the Canada Day committee chair, Robin Coombs.

Mr. Robin Coombs, and the rest of the committee have decided to scale down the festivities for the summer of 2022.

There are a few reasons for this change.

According to Mr. Coombs, one of the major reasons the committee decided to scale back Canada Day festivities for 2022 was because Uxbridge, and the rest of Canada, is coming out of a two-year ‘sabbatical’.

“We [the Canada Day committee] wanted to do something,” said Mr. Coombs. “We thought this was something reasonable, without biting off more than we could chew.”

He added even though Canada Day won’t be the same as it had been in past years, the committee still wanted to host an event for the community to enjoy.

Next year, Canada Day may return to normal, said Mr. Coombs. But it depends on whether the Uxbridge Canada Day committee has the funds and resources.

“This was one thing we [the committee] knew we could handle well,” said Mr. Coombs.

“I think other events, like Canada Day, are a way to celebrate community; and boost general community morale,” he said.

Hosting Canada Day in any capacity, as well as other events throughout the summer, allows the community of Uxbridge to come together.

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