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Caped Cearnsader column Auto nostalgia

Last week saw not only the return of Valentine’s Day and Family Day, but also the annual Canadian International Autoshow to Toronto.

I have to admit, I’ve never been very proficient at fixing cars or other vehicles or knowing how they work, and I’m not too much of a vehicle enthusiast. That’s right; I’m more of a wordsmith than a capable mechanic. But, thinking about this annual show always brings up good memories from the past for me.

When I was young, the show was a chance to spend some time with my father. It was something to look forward to on the calendar, a chance to go on a trip to Toronto, see what’s new in the vehicle world, but most of all, it was a chance to hang out with my Dad.

I remember feeling excited while riding in the family car to a train station, the experience of taking the Go Train to Toronto and then walking to the convention centre to look at all sorts of innovative and exciting cars, trucks and SUVs. I’ve still kept all the photos I took the last time I visited the show. It wasn’t just a regular event, but a bonding opportunity and a chance to take an interest in a field my father enjoyed.

Though he often involved me when he was working on our family’s vehicles when I was young, and I tried to soak up what I could about how to do things like an oil change or inspect parts under the hood, I never truly picked up the car maintenance skill. But, just like the moments I just described, the show was a chance to learn something from my Dad, like his thoughts on the automotive world, or only some general information I could talk to my Dad about regarding a particular car or truck. Though I haven’t been to the show in several years, I still remember the moments I was there fondly.

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