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CAESAREA by Eleanor Colwell

Caesarea Nestleton Euchre Scores for August 15th: Sheila Patterson finished in first with 95 points, and she also had seven lone hands. Nancy Davey and Alma Manns tied for second place, and Nancy also had the most lone hands with 8. Mary Lou Breward came in third, Doug Day finished fourth, Dawn McComb was fifth, and Carol Beatty had the low score. Nestleton Euchre is held every Thursday (except holidays) in the Nestleton Community Centre, 3971 Hwy 7A. Play starts at 7:30 p.m.

Blackstock Cartwright Lions Club: When our Club was chartered in 1980, the charter name was Blackstock Cartwright Lions Club. Over the years the name in the community became Blackstock & District Lions Club; in fact there was an effort made to have the charter name changed, but to no avail. We are reminded through the publication of our new district directory, that we are still Blackstock Cartwright Lions Club. So, heeding that, and supported by the findings of the district regulatory committee, we shall attempt to honour the charter name in future columns. Just a reminder that we are at the Blackstock Fair this Saturday, August 24th, so drop by for a burger, why don’t you?

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