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Building Brock’s budget for 2024


BROCK: With 2024 municipal budget discussions just around the corner, the Township of Brock is reaching out to the public for their say in local spending.

As the first part of budget discussions, the municipality recently launched an online survey. Residents can offer their feedback on the Township’s current services being provided, identify where residents feel an increase or decrease in current services may be warranted, or identify any new services they wish to see the Township provide.

The online survey is the first step for community feedback in the budget process which will continue into the new year, with several key dates already identified. On Monday, January 29th, the township will host a budget kickoff presentation which is an approximately hour-long information session, to highlight key focus areas for the proposed 2024 budget, including a proposed tax increase. From there, budget deliberations are slated to take place between Monday, February 5th, and Thursday, February 8th. These are days set aside for department heads to make their pitches to council, highlighting their own operating and capital budgets as well as new initiatives and staffing requests. Then, on Monday, February 12th, at 6 p.m., the township will host a budget open house, before councillors give their final approval later in February.

The special area of the township’s website is packed with information, including a very comprehensive 'frequently asked questions' and the resident survey. For further information, please visit

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