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Ball hockey tournament to honour Dylan Ross

UXBRIDGE: A new event which is slated to be held next year, will honour the memory of Dylan Ross, a decorated Uxbridge athlete who passed away earlier this year.

Dylan’s cousins Rory and Shonagh Craddock appeared before Council at their meeting on the morning of Monday, August 12th to lay out their plans for the event which is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 6, 2020, at Uxbridge Arena.

The event would take place in the western parking lot at the arena where Dylan Ross starred for the Uxbridge SS Tigers hockey team, and later his hometown Uxbridge Bruins. Earlier this year, Mr. Ross passed away following a single-vehicle collision just west of Epsom on Reach Road.

Proceeds from the tournament would benefit the Canadian Transplant Society, with Mr. Craddock explaining that the cause was near and dear to his cousin’s heart.

“At age 24, Dylan decided to become an organ donor, so he was able to impact many, many lives after he passed.”

The organizers hope that the ball hockey tournament will bring the community together and have already reached out to several groups in Uxbridge and North Durham to be involved with the event.

“Our hope is that this ball hockey tournament will bring together the community, including Dylan’s friends and family for a great day benefitting the community, as well as the Transplant Society,” added Ms. Craddock. “We know that this will be a big event, and we want to involve the high school and students that would like to volunteer. We will need all hands on deck.”

Mayor Dave Barton urged organizers to continue seeking partnerships with local groups and added that several organizations in the Uxbridge community have started out of tragic circumstances.

“We’ve had the Bonner Boys, Cam’s Kids, and the Ride to Remember all emerge from tragedy. These organizations help the community remember and contribute something positive to come out of that tragedy.”

Councilors pledged their support for the event, adding that they will eagerly await an update from organizers with greater detail regarding what the township can provide for the 3-on-3 ball hockey tournament.

A special organ donor campaign in memory of Dylan Ross is ongoing, and more details are available on-line at

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