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Art-To-Go coming to you

DALE MCKNIGHT, Program Facilitator Uxbridge Youth Centre Inc.

The Uxbridge Youth Centre (UYC) has an upcoming art program called Art-To-Go. The goal of which is to provide access to online art tutorials and free kits containing all the supplies youth need to complete those tutorials from home. Every week we will post a new video. If the kids are interested in trying out the craft from the video, they, or their parents, can pick up a free kit from the UYC during a scheduled pickup time. The kits will be available for pickup every week and will contain the materials required for the craft posted during that week. The program is being funded by a Durham Community Foundation grant. We want kids to enjoy arts and crafts from home, but we realize that they may not have all the supplies required for certain activities. The Art-To-Go program is our way of making sure kids have free access to those supplies so they can enjoy new arts and crafts projects from home every week. We would also like to encourage anyone who’s participating in the program to send in pictures of their craft once it’s done so we can help show it off. If anyone wants to request a specific craft, then they can send us a message on our website or at

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