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All you need to know about Nice Nurse Home Care


BLACKSTOCK: Are you in need of home-care services? Nice Nurse Home Care could help.

Jennifer Spears, who has 16 years experience working in the healthcare industry, is the operator and owner of Nice Nurse Home Care.

She started out working as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) and then she worked her way up to become a Registered Nurse Practitioner. Currently, Ms. Spears has completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. “My focus is on providing tailored support for seniors,” explained Ms. Spears.

Ms. Spears understands the unique needs of the senior community. So, she is dedicated to filling the gap within the healthcare system.

For Ms. Spear, the more enjoyable part of her job is helping people who “aren’t able to help themselves.” She provides a variety of nursing services. Her services include specialized advanced footcare, diabetic education and more.

Sometimes patients have additional healthcare insurance which they don’t know about. So, Ms. Spears can help them learn about the coverage they have.

Many of Ms. Spears’ patients face many challenges. Some have hearing or vision complications. And, many of her patients do not have computer access, so filling out some forms can be difficult. However, Ms. Spears has expertise in helping her clients fill in medical forms.

“As a home care nurse, I like to provide that personal touch to my clients,” she said. Ms. Spears enjoys saying, “Kindness begins when knowing everybody struggles.”

Allowing a home care professional to enter your home can initially be awkward. However, Ms. Spears aims to make her patients feel at ease.

“I take immense pride in delivering safe, high-quality and compassionate care seniors deserve,” she said. “Your health and comfort are my top priority.”

Ms. Spears is a member of the College of Nurses of Ontario, the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario and many other nursing-related organizations

She has advanced skills in nursing and multiple certifications. These include dementia care, palliative care and more.

Ms. Spears is CPR certified, and her vaccination record is up-to-date, including the COVID-19 and Influenza vaccines. While working, she wears the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and an N95 mask.

Nice Nurse Home Care services Port Perry and the surrounding area. To learn more about her services you can contact her by email at or by phone at 905-260-NICE (6423).

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