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25 firefighters respond to a blaze at an abandoned house in Scugog Township

SCUGOG: On Wednesday, August 21st, at 6:34 p.m. the Scugog Fire Department was called to respond to a house fire located at house number 21 on Regional Road 21. Mark Berney, Fire Chief for the Township of Scugog states, ” On arrival the Charlie side (back of the house) of the structure was fully involved, and the fire was progressing into the main part of the house.” Firefighters from Uxbridge Township also responded to the call, and in partnership, the fire was contained, and eventually put out. Chief Berney continues, “Because we had information that the house was abandoned, and nobody was in it, 25 firefighters proceeded to aggressively fight the fire from a defensive position. We have conversed with the property owner today as part of our investigation. We are suspicious of the cause of the fire, and ask anyone with information to contact Durham Regional Police, North Division at (905) 579-1520.” There were no injuries, and the fire was contained to the building, with the last truck leaving the site at 1:30 a.m. Chief Berney explains that the success of the operation was due to support amongst a number of responders. He said, “Durham Regional police, in cooperation with Durham Works-Scugog, closed the roads down from Regional Road 23 to Mast Road, which created a safer environment. Durham paramedics were on standby, ready to give us their attention if required. Fortunately, we didn’t need it, and everyone went home safely.”

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