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2022 Brock budget process outlined to council

DAN CEARNS, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, for The Standard

BROCK: Information on the Township of Brock’s preliminary 2022 budget process schedule was announced, at a meeting on Monday, September 13th.

At the Committee of the Whole meeting, Ward 3 Councillor Walter Schummer provided councillors with an update on what the municipal budget process could look like in the next few months.

“Staff is putting together the roadmap for the 2022 budget,” Councillor Schummer said. “Timing can change. But beginning in October, I believe we are going to be getting a report from our treasurer regarding capital projects [and] capital reserves. Just, kind of a summary of what’s in there, what it’s allocated for and what we can do.”

The Ward 3 Councillor added, the township would be starting their public budget survey in mid-October.

“It will largely be a series of questions for people to rank, and obviously that will come to members of council first for some input,” Councillor Schummer said. “There may be [a closed] session for members of committee or council to see the details on what may be rolling out next year in respect to staffing costs.”

The month of November will be dedicated to meetings between the Mayor, Councillor Schummer as the finance committee chair, the treasurer, the CAO and department heads.

“It’s similar to what we did last year. I think it was generally recognized as a very useful process,” Councillor Schummer stated. The first draft budget will then be seen by councillors in January, with budget approval expected in February.


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