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2022 Ag Leadership Scholarship Recipient

ALLISON BROWN of Oakwood, Ontario

The Ag Leadership scholarship has been awarded to Allison Brown, to support her participation in the Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program (AALP), Class 19.

AALP is a widely recognized program, known for teaching valuable leadership, communication, networking, problem-solving, and self-awareness skills and widening the participant’s perspective of agriculture both domestically and internationally.

Throughout the 18-month AALP program, Allison, with her dynamic classmates, will participate in six multi-day in-person seminars, six virtual seminars, a North American Study Tour and an International Study Tour.

Allison hopes to bring expanded leadership, better organizational skills and greater understanding and perspective of the agriculture industry, as a whole, to her local work with the Victoria Beef Farmers, District 7 Sheep Producers, Lindsay Exhibition (LEX) Market Livestock Committee and others, to work more effectively as a team.

Allison was recognized at the Spotlight on Agriculture Gala, on March 25th, 2022, held at the LEX.

Congratulations Allison!

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