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12 Ways to take with us

There is a fun song, sung around Christmas time, which, early on, was used as a mnemonic device for various subjects. This song is ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’.

A mnemonic device is a wordplay system used to aid memory. Usually used to remember important dates, list categories or information, or to recall sequences in a procedure to help follow the overall process.

My wife and I took a memory-building seminar a few years back and we learned to use memory tricks. A few years, it was more like 15 years ago. That just proves this memory thing takes more than a quick fix. We must put these tools or devices into practise; otherwise, they can’t aid us in retaining anything of value. That brings to mind the idea of committing to resolutions. They work the same way; if we don’t use it we lose it. That’s called practise. We sometimes do this in the negative sense by mentally or emotionally rehearsing our worries or fears.

Unfortunately, this has a tendency to cause us to recognize things around us that are similar and so promotes a life of negativity.

So, if practise is a way of holding on to things, we can apply this to good things we value. As an extension of this, I think a good practise would be to recall the good things we have picked up over the year of 2021.

Let’s see… how about having privileges withdrawn, like unrestricted access to restaurants, concerts, movies, or social gatherings, can really make us appreciate how good we’ve had it in our Canada and can make us grateful for the things we still have.

During covid, spending more time with family, the ones we are born to, may have been a little more strenuous at first, but now it has given us the opportunity to reconnect and learn to appreciate family is really a good thing. Consequently, we may want to spend a little more time with them even after this finally passes one day. In the meantime, we have time now.

The reduction of services in our community has allowed our taxes to be used for more important things. So losing some things can be good when it creates more overall security.

Trusting is more than just words; we have to release our lives to the influence of others at times because we are all in this together. Control is an illusion, and if we won’t see this, we stay in anxiety. Yet, when we let go, we can learn to manage the things closer to home, especially in our hearts, and that can take care of the impact of much of the rest.

Many have revisited the role God can have in helping their lives and have found Him attentive and able when we release to His ways. Helping our neighbours is not being a chump. Instead it helps us to become a champ, less afraid, and better people.

Volunteering in our community is a way of socialization that is much needed in order to share the load. This protects the lives of others from burnout and gives you needed connections in your life.

Deferring gratification, the art of waiting out the impulse so as to gain perspective, can help in so many areas of life. Waiting for a sale to come around somewhere can bring the quiet joy of anticipation, like hunting. We can also try noname brands and find out some are as good or even better than some of the name brands. Instead of feeling like we have to spend when or whatever cost they ask for, money can go a lot further than you think if you live within your means.

Taking time away from things and others can also be very helpful to bring clarity to thoughts, goals and emotions.

January 7th is the date for Ukrainian and other Orthodox Christmases through the twelve days of Christmas on to the 19th. By the way, January 7th is also our daughter’s birthday; what a day to be grateful for.

Last but certainly not least, I love my wife; she really is a gift to be around.

Wow, go figure, once you get on this train of thinking, it’s really not that hard to find things of value to take with you into 2022. I’ve enjoyed reminiscing and reflecting with you.

Carry on, and Happy Seasoning.

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