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Robert Frost wrote a famous poem entitled “Stopping by Woods On A Snowy Evening.” The last stanza read: The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.

I am sure many folks woke up Monday morning with not such calm thoughts on what was supposed to be the first day back to school for students and off to work for adults. They did have miles to go for many, and I have heard stories that it took some people hours to go the few miles they had to go. Many never made it, landing up in a ditch, in a collision, or tied up behind someone else in those conditions.

It took all week to get the roads cleared up again after the record snowfall. Of course, many my age can recall that our concession roads were blocked more than once a winter, and when cleared, the banks reached the utility lines almost. It might have been much worse in “normal” times, but with so many still working from home, it was some help.

The kids ended up getting what amounted to two snow days, and for some, there was also a PA day so, so much for the first week back! Now it remains to be seen what effect back to school has on the case rate, but there is no doubt it will positively affect the kids’ learning, although I think they will never regain what they lost.

Tish MacDonald again posted a birthday of a very special veteran, Norm Goodspeed, who is 95. Norm is a very well-known gentleman who, if I recall correctly, came to town probably 60 years ago to work with hydro. A member of the Legion, he has been very active and involved with many community affairs over the years. He enjoyed his favourite poppyseed cake with the picture of Dolly Parton on it, with whom he shares a birthday. Many more healthy years, Norm!

Speaking of Tish, her husband Mike is also in the spotlight as he is now the upcoming Fire Chief, taking over when the present chief leaves during this year. Congratulations, I know you will do a great job and many thanks to the present chief!

Happy birthday to Pastor Gord Shreeve, who enjoyed a birthday this past week! Gord keeps busy with his family, the Missionary Church and the community and does a great job with all of them.

Conrad Boyce reminisced that 25 years ago, on January 23rd, 1997, he directed and produced his first play in the Music Hall, the Secret Garden” and mentioned many rather well-known community names who starred in the production.

Three months after the opening, he married his co-producer Lisa so they will soon be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Meanwhile, he has done many varied productions, moved from Uxbridge, led tours to the Yukon where he also produced a number of plays, moved again, and finally returned home to Uxbridge.

He’s not finished, though, because, hopefully, if COVID co-operates, he will be organizing a musical night, or nights, at the Foster in May. Keep that in mind to look forward to!

Today I was saddened to learn of the death of Mary Jean (Dobson) Till. Mary Jean, her sister Barbara and her brother Hugh were raised north of Epsom and were part of the Bethesda congregation, so I have known her ever since I was a very young child; there is also a family connection. She was a teacher who taught for a few years in Epsom and others. Mary Jean was also the Greenbank correspondent for this paper for a number of years. She will be greatly missed!

The Uxbridge Historical Society is looking for volunteers to fill executive positions for the Board. If you are interested in the history of the town and promoting that history, we need you to keep this very important organization going. Please contact Bob Kirvan to find out what is needed and how to become a part of this excellent community organization.

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