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Here is a bit of different take on Valentine Day. It is a story in a poem, from a son as his mother develops dementia: “When your tears come to my mind, I close my eyes, And the dreams lingering in my memory turn into countless stars, flowing in the dark night sky. Although Spring is far away in my heart, my loves aspired to be a flower.”

Happy birthday to Don Cordingley! Don owns a road construction company and usually can be found busily at work with his employees.

Unfortunately, sometime ago he suffered a very serious case of shingles which impacted his shoulder muscles, so he has had to take things a bit easier. But he never quits!

Happy birthday also goes out to Bruce Harwood, who also never quits, still running his farm and caring for his house and garden. Daughter Brenda lives right across the road, so no doubt a party was in order.

Happy anniversary also go out to Pat Molloy and wife Bev, who are celebrating 44 years of wedded bliss. Although, not on council any longer, Pat is still much involved in community affairs and Bev never has trouble finding creative things with which to keep busy.

Best wishes also go out to brothers David and Paul Risebrough. They are separated by a number of years and distances but still manage to get together for positive events, as when the family farm, now run by younger brother Mike and David’s son Jamie, were given awards late last year.

A very happy birthday also goes out to my long time friend Doris Brandon Steward! Doris was secretary for Dr. Carl Puterbough when I began my dental practice, and many a happy lunch we spent at her mom’s house. Doris also reminded me, we both used to catch rides home from Toronto with my friend Don Prentice. Anyone hazard a guess how long ago that was?

Birthday wishes also go out to Bill Lockie. Bill and wife Jackie were longtime Zephyr residents, farmed and raised their family there, and were deeply involved in the church and community. After Jackie passed away Bill moved into Douglas Crossing.

Anniversary wishes also go out to Rev. Stephanie Richmond and husband Bill, who celebrate their 20th anniversary on the 16th. Stephanie is the minister of the Greenbank /Seagrave churches. Both they and the Port Perry United have returned to in person services, while we will most likely return the first Sunday in March. Our dear Carol O’Neil will be taking the first 3 Sundays, while she has continued to provide full services every week via email.

The Uxbridge Legion, and the Pipe and Drum band, in particular, are mourning the passing of Walter Alexander or Wattie Maitland. After leaving school in Scotland, at age 13, he had a very exciting life with various military groups, finally ending up in S. Africa, and from there he came to Canada in the early 2000s. He immediately joined the band and marched with them until 2019. He was 95.

How many of you had stopped by Elgin Pond to watch the swans? Did you notice that one, the female, has a tag on one wing? The man you have to thank for that is Harry Lumsden, and Harry passed away at almost 99, this past week. It was he who started the Swan Rehabilitation Programme, as the numbers were dangerously low.

As the result, the trumpeter swan numbers have increased to where you can see them on almost any pond or lake. Lake Scugog often hosts many dozens in the fall. If you see a swan with a yellow tag, you can call the group and they will tell you when the bird was tagged and what they found out about it, where it migrated to, the sex and age.

Those not tagged are younger birds born since the numbers increased. You will note, the mate without a tag on our swans is a young male. He is not her original mate and so far there have been no cygnets. Swans mate for life unless one is killed.

And finally, it was with great sadness, I learned of the passing of an old and dear friend Ona Hackner. Ona and Bruce farmed on the 5th Conc. When the kids were younger we used to spend many Sunday afternoons together. Bruce passed away a number of years ago but Ona remained on the farm, the last couple of years with the company of her granddaughter Stephanie. Bruce and Ona have children Mary (Benschop), Jim, Arlene, Leona (Armstrong) Don and Stephen. Our deepest sympathies from the community to all her many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren!

On Saturday morning the Uxbridge Scott Historical Society held their AGM. Sadly, there were very few in attendance. The new president is Lisha Van Nieuwenhove, who also holds a second post temporarily. Bob Kirvan is the only one who is in his second year of his term, and I know he worked extremely hard trying to find people to fill positions. The new curator Jessica Lanziner also gave an overview of what had been happening over the last couple of years.

A final thought from Nazarenes for Peace: “If we Christians arrive at the conclusion that giving up some personal liberties for the sake of other people’s safety somehow makes us less free, then we have tragically misunderstood the cross of Jesus Christ!”

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