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With all the terrible things happening, I want to start with a few happier notes. The redwing blackbirds have arrived! Not just the ordinary one or two at a time but about 60 at once. This is very unusual, but several others in the area have reported greater numbers as well. It is so nice to hear them singing their o-ka-lee song, although, by autumn, it gets a little raucous. When the redwings arrive, that’s my signal spring is on the way.

I had five robins in my huge cherry tree. I guess they are checking it out for later because it is now far too tall to pick for my consumption, and the birds get all the cherries! Since many robins never go south anymore, I don’t count them as a particular sign of spring, but it’s so nice to see them anyway!

Here is a little tale called ‘Pussy Willows’ about spring. According to an old Polish legend, a mother cat was crying by the riverbank, in which her kittens were drowning. The willows at the edge longed to help her, so they swept their long branches into the water to rescue the kittens, who had fallen in while chasing butterflies. The kittens gripped on tightly to their branches and were safely brought to the shore. Each spring since goes the legend, the willow branches sprout fur-like buds at their tips where the kittens once clung.

Happy birthday, wishes go out to Joel Speers, a young man well-known in the area for his hard work with various organizations. We need more young people like him to keep our community groups going in the years ahead!

Happy birthday also goes out to Eugene O’Beirn. Eugene was the oldest, I believe, of the large family who lived around Uxbridge for many years. Many still do, but Eugene and Valerie moved north with their family years ago but still keep in touch with friends and family.

Happy birthday also to Rhonda Wagner Tennent. Rhonda is the daughter of Ron and Sandy Wagner and lived much of her life out on 23, where her dad had his business. She and her husband Jamie own Lawnscape, and after living in town for many years, they moved out to the east end of Davis Dr, close to her old home.

Best wishes also to Rick McKinley. Rick is the lay minister who has taken a number of services for Sandford and Zephyr in the last few years, before the pandemic. Welcome to the 80s club, Rick! You have a lot of company.

Birthday wishes also go to Eleanor Beare Bagshaw. Eleanor had about with COVID some time ago, and it seems she has been having some medical problems on and off since but is now in better health.

A belated birthday with also to my forever friend Darlene Christie! Darlene and I have been trading birthday wishes for 80 years now, so what’s one more? We are happy to still be best friends!

Best wishes for quick healing go out to young Luke Smith, son of Bryan and Andrea. Luke had ear surgery for the second time, which went well, but at the same time, they found a third one necessary. And some people think wearing a mask is a real trial!

Rapid healing and rehab goes out to Ian Findlay. Ian’s wife Cindy is our charges Secretary-Treasurer. Ian was using his saw, as he loves to do when something happened, and he lost a couple of fingers and damaged others. It will mean quite a bit of change for him, but his spirit is great!

Better health also to Helen (Mrs. Fred) Wilson, who has not been feeling well in the last while. Fred and Helen live just a bit down the road, which I always said should be called Wilson Road. She is fortunate in one way; most of her children and grandchildren live very close by and can keep an eye on her and Fred.

The best wishes for good health go out to Bruce Harwood, who is at home now and coping, but it is quite a difference for him to be such an active person as he always has been.

From FaceBook posts it appears there may be a wedding coming up in the old Sandford Public School, which Ken Welsh has made his home for a number of years. Hopefully, there will be more details later.

The Sandford Zephyr Official Board met Tuesday night in person once more. Most of the meeting dealt with past events from other virtual meetings. The last half was considering the proposed new format that a committee has been working on for several months. This, if approved, will see an even closer union between the two churches but still needs bodies to fill the positions. The Annual General Meeting will be held after church on Sunday, March 27th.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone!

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