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Another busy week with hints of what the seasons will bring to us in a few short weeks! Much attention has been focused on the passing of Queen Elizabeth and all that goes with the death of such an illustrious personage, someone who’s like will probably not be known again. With the funeral this past Monday, there will be much analysis of the future for King Charles and the monarchy as a whole.

Besides gardening and farming in general, the rains are helping to green the grass for a few more cuttings and the growth of some vegetables and transplanted shrubs etc. It does not always fall at the best of times, however.

On Wednesday evening, the Uxbridge Horticultural Group met at the Seniors Centre. The crowd was less than has been, but the topic on Mums and Dahlia was one I particularly appreciated, and the speaker was easy to follow. On Thursday, the Genealogy Group met, both in person and by Zoom, which is how I chose to participate. The topic was DNA and got way above my knowledge well before the session ended.

Friday was an even busier day as about 15 seniors from Uxbridge joined with others at the Villa in Port Perry for an excellent lunch. The entertainment was a lady from Blackstock, her husband and friends, who shared their love of drumming and had a number of different African drums for participants to try. All who attended first had a rapid COVID test!

That evening I attended the final production of the play “Rainbow Valley” in the Leaskdale Historical Church. What a fantastic production. Directed by Conrad Boyce, the actors, young and old, were terrific and very talented. The incomparable Jane Loewen provided the music on piano and Rory on violin. And what beautiful music it was! Based on an L.M. Mongomery book, the play has removed Anne Shirley and her family, but if you did not know this, it is a complete story all on its own.

This weekend was the Art on the Fringe and the Studio Tour. Listening to the weather forecast, I went to Art on the Fringe Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful day, and there were many gorgeous works of Art. Many with whom I talked were there for the first time. Not sure, but I expect Sunday was a washout since most of the Art was painting of some sort, not what you want to get wet. So unfortunate.

There were a number of birthdays this week. Happy birthday to Mike MacDonald, our new fire chief. Keep safe. Birthday also wishes to Alex Lubinski Junior. It was his father from whom I bought my farm, and at that time, Alex was just a baby, really.

A whole lot of birthday wishes go out to Fred Wilson, who has reached 90! Quite an accomplishment! Fred and Helen moved from the farm recently to a local seniors’ residence. I am sure they miss the country! Happy birthday also to Peter Viney. His wife Michelle is very active in a number of community activities.

A very happy birthday also to Tanis Pottage Smith. What a lovely lady claimed both by Zephyr and Sandford as one of them. Birthday wishes also go out to Donnie Ross, a cousin who retired and is enjoying life like his mom, who also celebrated a few weeks or so ago.

Elwood Kirton has also reached a good age but continues to be active and healthy while managing a golf course to keep busy. Elwood has been very instrumental in keeping Zephyr church alive for so many years. His mother is still living at something like 102, I think!

Another of those people who I can recall being a very young child, Mike Risebrough, celebrated his birthday with his ladies. Mike has managed the family farm very well, and we wish him and the family continued success.

Anniversary wishes go out to David and Dorina Meek, 29 years married. They live in Verner, and his father, Bob, has been living with them for some months now. I recall David as a young child as well!

Congratulations to Mack Moore, who, with her stalwart steeds, continues to win awards for her Pole bending prowess. This week was Binbrook and another Victory lap. What a team!

Winning awards also come naturally. It seems to Robyn Ottolini, who seems to be racking up trophies. After being at Boots and Hearts Festival with Shania Twain now, this “@warnermusiccanada & the boys surprised me with a PLATINUM plaque for F-150 & a gold plaque for Tell You Everything last night after the @ccmaofficial show.” She is moving on up pretty fast.

On Thursday, September 29th, The Bethesda Reach WI are holding a Fall Fashion Show at the Senior’s building. Time is 7 to 9 p.m., dessert is served, and Brocks of Port Perry are once again showing their fashions. The cost is $20 from a WI member. Plan to come and see the latest fashions.

Church today was at Zephyr United Church with Pastor Gord Shreeve leading. Ruth Baker and granddaughter Alayna provided the beautiful music. Last week I didn’t mention that Ruth took a break and the music was provided by the girls, Alayna and Emma. Such talented young ladies. Next week Rick McKinley will be joining us to conduct the service. Please join with us.

October is a busy month with Thanksgiving on the 9th, Sandford Anniversary on the 16th, 10 a.m. and Zephyr Anniversary on the 23rd with a lunch at 11 a.m. and service at 1 p.m. Come and celebrate the longevity of our congregations!

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