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What is The Importance of Winter Maintenance?


SCUGOG: Harsher weather can happen at any time, so it’s best to be prepared. That’s why the Township of Scugog tries their best to stay on top of winter road maintenance.

“We have the best staff.” said the director of public works and services, Carol Coleman.

According to Ms. Coleman, the public works team continues their great work through weekends and many holidays.

For example, staff were out on the roads in December, on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, making sure roads were managed, as best as they could, for local holiday commuters.

On weekends and holidays, roads are patrolled by two part-time staff members. When necessary, operators are called in to work to plow or sand/salt roads.

Residents and business owners are expected to clear snow at least 24 hours after snowfall or ice build-up.

Ms. Coleman listed a few other ways residents can help keep roadways and the Scugog community safe during winter: Keeping cars off the street, even while it isn’t snowing, can help snowplows move around on difficult roadways more easily; Staying patient, while waiting for your street to be plowed; clearing snow away from hydrants; and not placing snow in a ditch or a place which may affect a local culvert or other drainage outlets.

“[Township public works staff,] they are always there when we need them,” explained Ms. Coleman.

The Township of Scugog public works team is responsible for, approximately, 826 kilometres of road maintenance. Most of the winter maintenance services are provided by the morning (public works) staff members. These members start work at 7 a.m. and finish around 3:30 p.m.

However, during a winter weather “event”, like a snowstorm, the team starts around 4 a.m. There are about 15 operators on the day-shift. Each operator is assigned a plow route. It takes about five to six hours to complete a sanding or salting operation on Scugog roadways.

The time it takes to complete a plowing operation depends on how much snow has accumulated on the roads. Therefore, it can take anywhere from eight to 12 hours.

The evening shift starts at 6:30 p.m. and ends around 3 a.m. There are two operators on the evening shift. These operators patrol the roads and treat the roads (when needed).

For more information about priority roads and winter maintenance in Scugog Township, please visit

To find the page follow these instructions: Type into your web browser and press enter, to go to the Township’s website. Move your mouse over the “Live and Play” tab and a full page drop down menu will appear. Next, move your mouse to the “road and sidewalks” link in the menu and click. On the page you arrive at, select and click the winter maintenance and snowplowing link. This will send you to a page and picture about this topic. Scroll down below the picture to find written information on winter maintenance.

You can also visit: or email For further information you can also call 905-985-7346 extension 112.

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