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Uxpool is in urgent need of lifeguards for the summer of 2022


The Standard

UXBRIDGE: Did you know, Uxpool currently has half the number of lifeguards it needs to run effectively this summer? This is according to their aquatic manager, Carolyn Clementson.

They need more lifeguards to operate on the weekends, or they may have to close the pool on Saturday and Sunday.

According to Ms. Clementson, this is the first year Uxpool has had this issue. The issue is not unexpected. “We have lost two years of training and staff due to the pandemic,” she explained. “Every facility in Ontario and in Canada is experiencing the same problem.”

Uxpool has to take the time to build up people’s qualifications, creating more lifeguard staff for the pool. They hire lifeguards directly from their lifeguarding courses. For example, if you take the lifeguard training at Uxpool, you could be hired after you complete the course.

To work as a lifeguard at Uxpool, you must be at least 16 years old. Teenagers who are 15 years old can take lifeguard training, but you must be 16 to able to work as a lifeguard. Most of the students who have taken lifeguard training at Uxpool are 15 and won’t be turning 16 until the fall of 2022 or later.

Training starts with the Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses. This leads students into the process of becoming instructors themselves.

Uxpool has also advertised they are in need of lifeguards for the summer.

Ms. Clementson said many pools in the south end of the Durham Region have posted advertisements in schools, explaining they are in need of more lifeguards. But many facilities have received little response from the community.

If you have your lifeguard or instructor certification, Uxpool is always accepting applications for positions.

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