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Uxbridge Swim Club has done well in the 2023 Championship Season!


UXBRIDGE: Uxbridge Swim Club has participated in a series of championship meets over the past eight weeks. They are very happy to have been well represented both regionally and provincially. A total of 44 athletes qualified to represent the Club at the various meets.

The Club had many outstanding performances, including 21 Finalists and 17 top-three finishes at the provincial level.

Notable mentions were 14-year-old Ethan Sneath, who participated in the Club’s regional championships, where he skyrocketed his 50m freestyle to not only meet provincial standing but surpass that and qualified for his first Canadian Nationals. Likewise, 12-year-old Chloe Walker represented the Club at Ontario Provincials, where she finished with four bronze medals in the 13 and under the category as the only 12-year-old finalist. Through these performances, she as well has qualified for Canadian Nationals in 4 new events. Ethan and Chloe join their two teammates Haseeb Tariq and Mikaela Blake, with this special honour.

The Club’s Board of Directors, Coaching Staff and Swimmer Parents are all thrilled with the Club’s continued growth in both numbers and performance.

“Above all,” added Head Coach, Sarah Steinke, “we admire the camaraderie displayed by our athletes on the competitive stage. The cheers, high fives and smiles that flood the Uxbridge Swim Club on the pool deck - it is the team spirit of this Club which is feeding the performance of our athletes, and we could not be prouder.”

If your child is interested in joining the Club, email Coach Sarah Steinke at For more information about USC, check out their website found online at:

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