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Uxbridge legions says happy birthday to local veterans

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

UXBRIDGE: The ‘Honour our Veterans Birthday’ Initiative, started January 2021, was organized by one of the legion’s local branch member, Tish MacDonald.

This initiative was facilitated by members of the Uxbridge legion because of their involvement in the Uxbridge ‘Honour our Veterans Banner Program’. Their goal is to honour local veterans in the community, during the pandemic. This is also the first year for this initiative.

Mrs. MacDonald came up with the idea because seniors are currently isolated from their friends and family. There are approximately 21 veterans who are a part of this particular outreach program. “We wanted to recognize the birthdays of our older veterans through this Covid outreach initiative,” she explained.

For example; this passed Tuesday, March 3rd, was Mr. Gary Roncetti’s birthday. During a veteran’s birthday, Mrs. MacDonald places a birthday sign and a Canadian flag on the front lawn of the veterans’ home.

That morning Mrs. MacDonald visited Mr. Roncetti’s home around 8 a.m. to place a happy birthday sign on his front lawn. Later in the day, Mr. Roncetti was also presented with a special birthday dinner at his home. The dinners for the veterans are prepared by TIN Restaurant in Uxbridge.

The dinner is sponsored by the Banner Program committee members, Don Andres of TIN Restaurant, and community donors. The Uxbridge ‘Honour our Veterans Banner Program’ is entering its seventh year in 2021 and is accepting new applicants for the program. Applications for the program can be submitted by mailing them to Tish MacDonald, at or by calling 905-649-0180.

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