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The importance of enrolling teens in driving school

As teenagers eagerly await the arrival of the birthday, that makes them eligible to get their drivers’ license, they may be anticipating the freedom that being able to drive alone provides. But that excitement can overshadow the immense responsibility of operating a motor vehicle.

A leading insurance company states that 25 percent of 16-year-old drivers are involved in a car accident during their first year of driving. Expertise behind the wheel comes with practice. Starting teen driving journeys with a good foundation of information and instruction is key. Enrolling in a driver’s education program can be a wise investment and one that reduces the number of collisions on the road.

The following are some ways a driving school can benefit young drivers.

Access to an expert: While Mom, Dad or another trusted adult may have the best intentions when teaching teens how to drive, they may be rusty with some of the rules. Furthermore, they may have adopted habits or shortcuts that may not be the proper way to instruct new drivers while they work for them. A driving school helps teens learn how to drive well and safely.

Specially equipped vehicles: The vehicles driving schools have in their fleets have been modified to be especially safe. Most feature a rearview mirror and an additional brake pedal on the passenger side. This enables the driving instructor to have a clear view and act, if necessary, to avoid a collision while the student is still learning.

Driving schools also may facilitate contact between teen drivers and a local motor vehicle department, such as setting up the road and written test appointments and enabling teens to use their vehicles for the road test. Such factors only underscore the ways families can benefit from enrolling young drivers in driving school.

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