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Spring is coming sooner than you think

"Katie’s Korner"

KATIE HUNTER, Special to The Standard

After a long winter, sunshine and warming weather are a welcome change.

To help you enjoy the season, we rounded up five festive ways to celebrate spring with your older adult.

These senior-friendly activities are sure to brighten their day and help you create special memories together.

1. Get outside and enjoy nature

After being cooped up indoors all winter, it will feel great to get some fresh air and sunshine. Keep your older adult comfortable with plenty of layers, a hat, or a light scarf. If you are unable to travel easily, simply sitting in a room with windows open to the fresh air is a comfortable way to enjoy nature. Or, sit just outside the house to appreciate the trees and flowers. Other ways to enjoy nature include:

• Walking around the neighbourhood or in the park

• Eating a meal outside

• Visiting a plant nursery

• Taking a scenic drive

• Nature Photography

• Walk around our wonderful town and window shop

2. Decorate with a spring theme

It’s fun to mark the seasons with festive decorations. We found some great Do It Yourself projects and lovely decor which your older adult will enjoy.

Colour online free spring-themed colouring pages and hang them up around the house. Like these: nature scene and cheerful bees.

Pastel-coloured paper chain garlands can be hung around windows or doorways. A few simple wildflowers in empty bottles or glasses can really brighten up the table.

We love how beautiful removable wall decals can bring spring right into the room in a matter of minutes. They’re especially great for celebrating with older adults in assisted living.

3. Celebrate spring with a family gathering

What many seniors enjoy most is time spent with family and close friends. Have a spring potluck lunch where everyone brings a dish to share.

Make it even more fun by involving your older adult in the party planning and decorating.

4. Create an indoor garden

Having plants around the house brings a little piece of nature indoors.

Spring is a perfect time to start an indoor herb garden, grow a trio of flowers with a simple kit, or get a miniature bonsai tree.

For greenery without the maintenance, get some silk or plastic ones instead. We like these beautiful peonies, cute succulents, and bushy bamboo. Most can be found at your local dollar store.

5. Do some spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is a good excuse to encourage your older adult to get rid of unnecessary clutter. Get ready for the yard sale season by clearing out things you do not use anymore. Or simply donate items to a local charity.

Turn this chore into a meaningful activity by going through keepsakes and old photos together. This often leads to pleasant times reminiscing about special memories.

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