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Residents invited to provide input on the 2021-2040 Long-term Waste Management Plan

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DURHAM: From August 19th until September 30th, Durham Region residents will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the 2021-2040 Long-term Waste Management Plan, by visiting the virtual public engagement website, at A Long-term Waste Management Plan, or Waste Plan for short, is a roadmap describing the Region’s vision and objectives for waste management over the next 20 years. As part of the comprehensive consultation process, residents will be able to visit the engagement website, to learn about potential goals and strategies for the new Waste Plan by reviewing slides of information. Residents are encouraged to provide input by completing an online survey. The feedback collected will then be used to develop the framework for a draft Waste Plan and a draft Five-Year Action Plan. Consultation on the draft of the Waste Plan and Five-Year Action Plan will be held in 2021, before the new Waste Plan is finalized in 2022. The Waste Plan will develop innovative ways to use waste as a resource in a circular economy, while demonstrating leadership in sustainability and addressing the climate crisis. Examples of innovative ways to use waste as a resource include Anaerobic Digestion, to generate renewable energy from food waste, and innovative reuse options for ash generated at the Durham York Energy Centre (DYEC). Durham developed its first Waste Plan in 1999 and it covered the period of 2000-2020. Under the first Waste Plan, the Region expanded the Green Bin, Blue Box and Hazardous Waste programs, and introduced electronics, textiles and porcelain recycling, increasing its waste diversion rate from 30 per cent to 63 per cent, and developed the made-in-Durham waste disposal solution in the DYEC. To learn more about Durham’s Waste Plan, visit Or, check out the engagement website to provide feedback at “We want to thank our community for taking the time to provide their input on our new Waste Plan. We know that the feedback we receive will help us shape the plan to ensure our waste management services continue to be innovative, sustainable and cost effective, while addressing the needs of our growing and diverse community.” said Gioseph Anello, Director of Waste Management, The Regional Municipality of Durham.


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