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Re: Anonymous dog complaint to Durham Health

Dear Anonymous complainant

It appears that Durham Health is aggressively actioning your anonymous complaints and prohibiting dogs at dog friendly businesses like Second Wedge in Uxbridge and Enniskillen country store here in Port Perry. I would like to meet with you for a beverage at your convenience to better understand your reasoning and share with you the positive impact of dogs on our community and businesses.

For example did you know that our dogs help us meet people in our community and make new friends ? The majority of my new friends since I moved to Port Perry are thanks to my golden retriever Max. Breweries that accept dogs have been key to every new successful walk for dog guides fundraiser. There are over 100 craft breweries in Ontario and dogs are welcome in the majority of them.

In Europe, the cradle of civilization, dogs are allowed everywhere. And businesses are allowed to post no dogs allowed signs if they wish. Best of both worlds.

My dog Max has been certified as a therapy dog for the last five years. He visits regularly every week at Port Perry Villa and our hospital. One of my fondest memories is of a palliative care patient at our hospital sharing a sliced apple with my therapy dog for 20 minutes. Your complaint puts all this at risk

I won’t beat around the bush. My goal is to better understand your reasoning, and share all the benefits dogs bring to the community and local businesses in the hope that you will withdraw your complaint.

Thank you,

Ivo Finotti Port Perry

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