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Ontario commemorates Louis Riel Day

FLAVIA MUSSIO, Communications Branch, Office of the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs

Greg Rickford, Minister of Indigenous Affairs, issued the following statement, on Monday, November 12th, regarding Louis Riel Day, “Today we commemorate and reflect on Louis Riel’s historical legacy and quest for justice. A hero to Métis people, Riel was executed 135 years ago after being found guilty of treason for leading the North-West Rebellion in defense of Métis rights, land and culture. Viewed by many today as a champion of minority language rights and Father of Confederation, they credit Riel with founding the province of Manitoba and preserving the diverse history, culture and identity of the Métis people. We commemorate Louis Riel Day annually to honour his legacy and lasting impact on Canada. I invite everyone to learn more about this important historical figure and the significant contributions of Métis people to Ontario.”

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