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No Procrastinating

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout has been occurring across Ontario for months now. In my opinion, it’s time for everyone who wants to get the vaccine to schedule their jab.

But, before I get started, I just want to say I’m not addressing any sort of crowd or people who don’t want or can’t get the vaccine. While I myself am fully vaccinated, and I believe the vaccine is the best protection against the virus, I’m just going to provide my advice, at this time, to the group of people who have simply not been vaccinated because they’ve been too busy or they’ve been putting it off. Those who want the vaccine are the people I’m looking to reach with this column at this time.

For one thing, we all should know by now, the provincial vaccine certificate requirements have officially gone into place, for people looking to go to and then stay inside restaurants, bars, sports facilities and indoor sporting events, and theatres. Those of you who have missed being at the types of venues, deemed non-essential by the Ontario government, should try to get full-vaccination status as soon as possible.

Also, as the calendar turns, cooler weather is approaching, and the autumn and winter seasons always tend to see a lot of spread of viruses and illnesses. Usually, around the start of the school season, people tend to see a lot of cold and flu cases.

Another reason, for this group of people to make their vaccination decision now is the information now out there. Several news organizations have recently reported, provincial and federal modelling data showing, the possibility of much higher virus case numbers in this fourth wave, than we’ve seen in this pandemic so far. In this case, some protection is better than none.

A lot of people across Ontario and across Canada have received the vaccine. A good way to make your decision is to ask those who have received the vaccine what their experience was like. Also, having been a while into this rollout, there should be statistical data available as well on things like odds of getting a vaccine side effect, to help with the pros and cons list of getting vaccinated.

Lastly, if you’ve simply been putting this off, this is your chance to scratch something off your to-do list.

Let me be clear as I wrap up; I am simply offering reasons for people, who haven’t received the vaccine yet, who do want it to get it, to get it sooner rather than later.

At the end of the day, getting the vaccine is a voluntary process. Each person has a choice and is entitled to that choice. All I’m saying is, for the groups of people who have just been putting this off until later, it’s time to commit to your choice.

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