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Museum Village and Archives is documenting COVID-19

SCUGOG: The Scugog Shores Museum Village & Archives would like to invite our local community to assist us with preserving the story of COVID-19 for future generations. During these unprecedented times, it is important that we record this global event on a local and individual level. Nothing is more powerful than a first-person account of a historic event. We would love you to save personal stories, hand-written journal entries, signs, photographs from your local neighbourhood, anything that will help us document this time in our community and the impact that it’s having in your life. These items can then be scanned or donated to the Museum for preservation, to be used for future research, education and exhibitions.

Examples of items to collect and donate include: • Photographs • ‘stay strong’ messages in our community • retail signs • gas station signs • lack of cars on our main street • people physical distancing while walking • retail window displays • people stepping into jobs they don’t normally perform • Archival artifacts (documents) • Diary entries • journals • stories • advertisements • stories of manufacturers branching out and producing items needed specifically for the pandemic (ie) distilleries producing hand sanitizer, Bauer Canada producing face masks • Physical artifacts (3-D) • artwork • retail signs (closure, reduction in hours) • distancing tape • masks/gloves • handmade signs

When physical distancing measures have been lifted, and it’s safe to do so, staff will make arrangements to collect the donations, which will then become part the collection of the Scugog Shores Museum Village & Archives. For more information, please contact: 905-985-8698 ext. 100 or

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