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Mugford's Trim Shop creating upholstery excellence in Port Perry

DAN CEARNS The Standard

SCUGOG: Since July of 2021, Mugford's Trim Shop in Port Perry has been offering their clients service excellence.

"I am a perfectionist. Everything's got to be absolutely perfect and 100 percent to the best of my ability. It's either all or nothing with me," owner Spencer Mugford told The Standard.

Mugford's Trim Shop offers the community automotive and marine upholstery work. Mr. Mugford has a strong background in vehicle work.

"I've been tinkering away on cars my whole life. So, when I landed on the upholstery business, within a week or a week and a half, I knew right away this is what I [wanted] to do," he explained.

Mr. Mugford talked about the part of the job he enjoys most. "The biggest thing I really enjoy is [working on] the classic cars."

His passion and interest in the automotive field, coupled with help from the people in his life, helped his business take off quickly.

"I was fortunate I already had an automotive background, and my father knows quite a few people in the automotive field. But I was surprised how fast it took off," he said. "I would say I would not be where I am without my friends and family [who] gave me the chance to do some jobs which would eventually lead into a customer base of people I wouldn't generally know."

Mugford's Trim Shop is located at 171 North Port Road, Unit 7 in Port Perry. They can be reached by calling 289-354-0270.

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