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Minister Bethlenfalvy announces reintroduction of the budget document

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

UXBRIDGE: Uxbridge MPP, and Ontario Finance Minister, Peter Bethlenfalvy announced, on Tuesday, August 9th, the Ontario government has reintroduced their 2022 budget document in the legislature.

The document, also known as the ‘Plan to Build Act’, was first introduced prior to the Ontario election but was not passed before the election was held.

In his opening remarks, Minister Bethlenfalvy said this plan focuses on: “keep[ing] costs down for families and seniors;” building “key infrastructure, by getting shovels in the ground on subways, housing and highways;” “investing in hospitals, home care and our healthcare workforce;” and making sure “students and workers have the skills and the supports they need to succeed.”

Part of the budget plan includes increasing rates for people who use the Ontario Disability Support Program.

“To help those who qualify for disability support, we are delivering on our commitment to increase the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) rates by five percent, beginning in September of 2022, and adjusting future increases to ODSP rates based on inflation” Minister Bethlenfalvy announced.

The government is also earmarking $225 million for “direct payments to parents” to “help fill gaps in learning for students.”

Minister Bethlenfalvy stated, there would be more information on this program at a later date.

He also provided some positive news on Ontario’s deficit.

“We are now projecting an improved fiscal outlook since the 2022 budget, including a $1.1 billion improvement to the deficit projection for 2022-2023.”

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