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Martha Casson is named Scugog's Senior of the Year

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

SCUGOG: Martha Casson has been selected as Scugog's Senior of the Year recipient.

The award recipient was announced at a Scugog council meeting on Monday, June 26th. Each year, the Ontario Senior of the Year award gives municipalities across Ontario an opportunity to recognize a person who is over 65 years of age and has enriched the community they reside in.

"June is Seniors' Month, and it was an opportunity for this council to nominate a recipient for [the] Senior of the Year award," Mayor Wilma Wotten stated.

Mayor Wotten also explained why the Township selected Ms. Casson for the award this year.

"I first met Martha when she joined the Seniors advisory committee, I believe in 2011 or 2012. She and I and Howard Danson worked together, along with the committee, to receive some funding to develop a senior's advisory office, which has now been converted for the finance department. Martha also was a strong advocate in inspiring changes to the Planning Act."

Scugog's Mayor pointed to the fact she inspired change in how people live post-retirement with her involvement as a resident in the 'Golden Girls' house. Joining with Louise Bardswich, Beverly Brown, and Sandra McCully, the four senior community members decided to co-purchase and live together in a home in Port Perry.

"She was a strong motivator and driver in that [initiative]," Mayor Wotten said.

Ms. Casson was also a member of the Township's Housing Committee.

"She was always exploring different ways for not only seniors but for all of us to have different housing options," Mayor Wotten explained. "She works tirelessly."

Ms. Casson was complimentary of the Township Council in her acceptance speech. "You create the kind of community that somebody past retirement age can continue to stay involved in and feel like we're contributing. So, [I] thank all of you [for that], and thank you for this honour.”

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