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Letters to the Editor – Thank you for your generosity

With heartfelt gratitude, we thank our community for a very successful 2021 Christmas campaign, allowing us to serve over 160 clients in need.

The community food drive, on December 4th, got the ball rolling for food donations. The food kept coming in from individuals, schools, churches, and businesses. Thank you, to our volunteers, who worked so hard to keep on top of sorting it all at the Food Bank, while respecting Covid-19 protocols.

Gift cards and monetary donations were steady as well, allowing us to purchase locally other necessary food and non-food items, to support our clients’ needs at this difficult time of year. Even dogs and cats were looked after with food and toys. Our clients were very appreciative of their food hampers, gift cards and treat bags.

Thank you, to everyone who contributed to ensuring our holiday campaign was a great success. We couldn’t do what we do without your generous and continued support.

Stay safe Karen Teed, Operation Scugog.

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