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Letters to the Editor

Mayor Wilma Wotten,

Township of Scugog

Without prejudice

Further to your interview in the Port Perry Star with Chris Hall, online Saturday, December 31st, 2022, “Looking ahead to 2023 in Scugog”. At the end of Item 2, it says: “Wotten also added she’d like to see some movement, or decisions made, on the Old Mill overlooking Lake Scugog”.

The sad Old Mill is one of our historic buildings accounted for by Peter Hvidsten in his book, and also seen online in Scugog Heritage Gallery.

I couldn’t remember what is really so special about our Old Mill and went on a Google chase. Nothing until “grain elevator” came up and what followed is amazing.

Grain elevators were built in many parts of Canada, of course on the Prairies, but also in Ontario. Many on the Prairies are being dismantled, but not the oldest grain elevator in Canada. Unfortunately it burned down this past year, and now the oldest grain elevator, a wood crib, is in Port Perry! A plus for our tourism!

It made me think twice about, not our Old Mill, but our special Grain Elevator. Are there Associations, Friends, Historical Societies in Canada who would be interested in discussions about its future? It certainly has added to the keen interest in the history of Scugog and Port Perry.

I suggest retaining the Old Mill, and noting that a movie should be set in Port Perry, a worthy location, to be Port Perry.

Respectfully submitted,


Georgia Brock

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