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Letters to the Editor

Thank you to the members of the Greenbank community who showed such tremendous support for the Greenbank Public School graduating class of 2020! Moving on from public school is one of the first great achievement milestones for young students and, as such, the traditions and rites of passage surrounding this transition carry a lot of significance for students exiting grade 6. So, it is no surprise, having to cancel the traditional graduation ceremony was very disappointing for the grade 6 students. This year’s class may not have had the ceremony they envisioned but the school and community gave them what they truly deserve: recognition of their success, a moment to be proud of their accomplishment and a great memory. Instead of speeches and a ceremony, the parents and graduates paraded through the village. Citizens were on their lawns banging pots, cheering and shouting congratulations. Music played, people clapped and graduates, most importantly, felt special. I know my daughter and her friends will remember their grade 6 grad for years to come, and that is directly due to the support of the Greenbank community, organizing volunteers and the staff at Greenbank Public School. We can’t thank you enough!

Rob Whynot, Greenbank

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