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Letter to the Editor: Thank Dan Cearns

Dear Editor

Just wanted to send a quick note to thank Dan Cearns for writing the article, in the April 30th, 2020 Standard issue, regarding Whitney Plastics in Lindsay making face shields. I have a mentally challenged brother in-law and when I saw the article you wrote, about the plant in Lindsay making face shields, I felt I could order some for his house and staff. I phoned the plant and spoke to Beverly, the operations manager, and ordered 10 faceshields for his house, and two additional masks for myself and my wife. I told Beverly how happy I was to learn that Lindsay, which is local, was making [Personal Protection Equipement] PPE and it was about time PPE was finally being made in Canada. I was very happy to learn the shields were only $10 each and that replacement shields could also be bought for $2 each. The shields are made from medical grade anti-fog clear plastic. I was told I could come to the plant to pick them up. I would just have to call ahead of time and let them know I was coming, so they could get the order together for me. I really hope local businesses, as well as doctors, dentists and government employees saw your article because they should also look into buying local. The Ontario government should be shopping local and hopefully they will start to do this. Perhaps you could do a follow up story and see if any businesses, as well as the government, have checked out this location, because Beverly told us the government did place a order but cancelled and was going to order from China. Which is a shame since she had hired additional staff to fill the order. The government has said we should buy Canadian but it would appear, it is more, to do as I say, not as I do.

Ron Ferris Scugog

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