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Letter to the editor: Teddies for Tragedies

To the Editor

The Port Perry Seniors Club and the Port Perry Probus Club members have joined forces in a Teddies for Tragedies project. We would like to share this very worthwhile endeavour with the residents of Scugog (and beyond) and invite members of the press to be present at our official turnover of our donation at the Latcham Centre, Port Perry on Friday, March 20th at 1 p.m. The Teddies for Tragedies program developed from Doctors Without Borders delivering medical aid to people in third world countries who have been uprooted by wars, are housed in ill-equipped camps and/or have risked abuse at the hands of people smugglers. Children become ill due to unsanitary conditions, starvation, and other maladies. When children were treated by Doctors Without Borders they found that the children who were given a teddy to cuddle got better quicker than children who didn’t have one. Since each child gets to keep his or her own teddy or Izzy doll, the knitted friend helps self-soothe the child. According to one doctor, “doing more good than the medicine.” Our combined Clubs project started out to donate to Doctors Without Borders, however, the response by club members has been overwhelming and we have an abundance of knitted teddies and dolls made with talent and lots of love. We are now donating to the Scugog Fire Dept., Uxbridge Fire Dept., Durham Regional Police Services, Natives of the North (Canada) and Doctors Without Borders! A representative from each of these organizations will be in attendance on March 20th, along with members of both the Port Perry Seniors Club and the Port Perry Probus Club. We look forward to your response!

Rita Hilker, Port Perry Seniors Club Anne Harland, Port Perry Probus Club Co-Chairs Teddies for Tragedies

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