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Letter to the Editor – Golden Rescue

Dear Editor

On behalf of my fellow volunteers at Golden Rescue, I’d like to offer a big thank you to Christine and Terry Vos of Vos’ Your Independent Grocer for being the first grocery retailer in Scugog to host a Golden Rescue Tag Day this past Saturday. Golden Rescue is a charitable organization which rehabilitates and re-homes Golden Retrievers. A big thank-you should also go to the many kind and generous Vos’ shoppers who stopped to donate, meet the dogs and share their stories with the volunteers. Their amazing generosity will enable Golden Rescue to give many more Goldens a second chance at finding their forever homes. Let us also remember Terry and Andy Leitch of Port Perry, who were the first Canadian Tire store to host a Golden Rescue Tag Day here in Scugog, also starting a new Golden Rescue tradition! We are truly blessed in Scugog to have such community leaders like the Voses and the Leitches, willing to support, lead and innovate. Ivo Finotti, Port Perry

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