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Letter to the Editor – December 12, 2019

Dear Editor

If anyone thinks us humans have the know how to change the climate, better think again. Carbon Tax is a total rip off and doesn’t do a thing for the changing climate. Ask the sun, she would tell you to simply adjust to the climate. What we need desperately is to keep our only home, planet Earth clean. The Earth doesn’t need us, but we need the Earth. I’m not a climate change denier, simply because, I know that our climate has, and will always change, like it or not. I’d rather have it warm then cold though. We all know, if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. The media is doing that with climate change and sadly, people believe it. We have to cut down on our personal pollution. Plastic bags, brake dust, exhaust, stop sign, deadly chemicals in jet fuels, (JET 5, JP-8, check it out) and many other items. Why do cars sit at drive throughs, engines idling, polluting, for over 10 minutes, just to wait for a coffee? Tell me why? Are those people all invalids and can’t walk? Why does a vehicle have to come to a full stop every time we cross an intersection with no conflicting traffic? It takes up to twenty times more fuel to accelerate from that full stop, not counting the brake dust that washes in to our rivers and lakes. Most countries in the world eliminated their stop signs eons ago because of the pollution and frustration they cause. Why do people go faster than the posted speed limit? After coming to a complete stop for absolutely nothing, they are trying to make up for lost time. These are proven facts. Now our town was thinking of putting speed bumps on some of our roads. More frustration, more pollution. Every speed bump is an upside down pot hole. Why can’t our traffic lights go to flashing at nights, the way it used to be, to cut down on pollution? Questions that need to be answered. We trust that our elected people in office will come up with the right solutions. Our works department has the Municipal Guide Book on signs, maybe someday they will use it. On stop signs it says in order to put up a stop sign, that intersection must have 350 to 500 vehicle movements in one hour. Most of our intersections have less than 10 vehicle movements. We had our own police department giving a presentation to the council and Mayor in 2011. We were told by Police, three and four way stop signs shouldn’t exist, yes, in 2011. The Police also said, to use stop signs for traffic calming is an absolute no, no. We were also told, by our Police, that stop signs do nothing for traffic safety, the opposite is the case. Yes, in our mind, this is a town emergency, nothing to do with climate though, we can’t change that, but definitely has a lot to do with cleaner air and less pollution. Sadly, don’t have your hope up to high if we go by the actions taken in the past. One good thing that was done after five years of debating was the roundabout on Concession Six. We need more, many more to cut down on air and brake pollution.

Heinz Nitschke, Uxbridge

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